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What is the process to sign a lease?

1. A group of 3 to 5 kids (depending if they’re renting a 3, 4, or 5-bedroom unit) decides they want to live together next year at Boulder Buddha!

  • * Students usually hear about us from friends or via online advertising
  • * Unit tours are online or in-person
  • * Floor plans of each unit and the property are also available below, on this page

2. Each prospective renter then typically discusses and gets an okay from their parent(s) regarding their housing choice, their roommates, and the monetary obligations to rent with us.

  • * All monetary obligations are as follows:
  • * A) At lease signing there is a $150/person lease-execution fee, plus a security deposit equal to 2-months rent
  • * B) At move-in there is a one-time $300/group mandatory insurance liability fee
  • * C) Each month, beginning next August, there are the following financial obligations: 1) RENT (typically each kid pays their own portion online), 2) a UTILITY ADMIN fee of $50/group, 3) a PET FEE of $50 for anyone who has a cat, 4) a RESERVED PARKING FEE of $100 (unreserved parking is free), and 5) UNIT ELECTRICITY & WIFI of about $50 per renter total

3. Having gotten the Go-Ahead from the parents, each renter in the group completes the online application, found in the upper right corner of our website

  • * There is a $15 fee to submit an application

4. The vast majority of college applicants are approved, so typically a proposed Lease is emailed out after all the final applicant is okay’d.  It takes about a business day to process an application and send out the Lease

  • * The Lease is signed online, and becomes valid after the last person in the group signs.

5. If required, we will email a Guarantor Agreement to each parent the same time that we send out the lease to the kids.  We normally don’t require parents to guarantee the lease.

  • * We keep the parents in the loop through all stages until everything is signed

6. Our happy resident has secured their housing for the next year at CU!

  • * We will make contact about a month before move-in to review particulars

You are always welcome to call, text or send an email to discuss or review any questions or concerns!

Sample lease
  • Affordable Pricing

    Rent at Boulder Buddha is notably less expensive than nearby properties with similar amenities. We strive to offer value in other areas as well. You will be dealing with local people with a stake in the community and making your experience a positive one.

  • High-End Finishes

    Our objective in providing high-end finishes — slab granite counters, solid maple cabinets, real hardwood floors — is more practical than aesthetic. Let’s face it, a group of kids can be tough on an apartment. Providing timeless, durable materials lessens security deposit withholdings by reducing the need to replace cheaper items on a routine basis, and saves you money.

  • Proximity to CU Campus

    We are 3 blocks from the main campus, east along Colorado Avenue. Also along Colorado, we are 1 block west of the new east campus and its engineering labs. On weekdays, the City RTD Bus and CU Ralphie Bus stop at our property approximately 10 times per hour.

  • Maintenance Requests

    One of the most aggravating circumstances of rental housing can be management that does not tend to maintenance requests. We’ve solved that problem by taking out the middleman. All residents are provided direct contact information for maintenance and repair requests. Barring unusual circumstances, these personnel are pre-authorized to fix the problem simply upon the demand of the tenant.

  • Separate Storage

    One of the big issues for students is where to place their skis and larger items. Each of our apartments provides a separate storage locker inside of a locked store room free of charge. Our bike racks are situated in a highly visible location where residents can secure them with peace of mind, so as to eliminate the concern to keep them indoors.

  • Roommate Matching

    We prefer that residents come to our property with a pre-chosen group of friends and acquaintances. In unique circumstances, if your child does not have a chosen roommate, we will provide free roommate matching based upon personal interests, study habits, and more.

Property Layout