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What is the process to sign a lease?

1. For most units we offer a lease either by-the-apartment or by-the bedroom

  • * The pricing is $50/bedroom lower when a single group leases an apartment
  • * We will roommate match for students who lease only an individual bedroom

2. The prospective residents review our available apartment models via an online tour

  • * You are always welcome to check out the property exterior and grounds

3. Loving our property, the future resident sends an application via the “Apply Now” link

  • * The resident can indicate any special wishes here

4. We will contact the student, ideally by telephone

  • * We will discuss available units and answer any questions

5. A proposed Lease is emailed to the future resident. It is signed electronically.

  • * We will simultaneously email a Guaranty Agreement to the guarantor
  • * A security deposit equal to 2 months rent will be due at lease signing
  • * At least one-half the deposit will be due, with the remainder in ~30 days

6. Our happy resident has secured their housing for the next year at CU!

  • * We will make contact about a month before move-in to review particulars

You are always welcome to call, text or send an email to discuss or review any questions or concerns!

Sample lease
  • Affordable Pricing

    Rent at Boulder Buddha is notably less expensive than nearby properties with similar amenities. We strive to offer value in other areas as well. You will be dealing with local people with a stake in the community and making your experience a positive one.

  • High-End Finishes

    Our objective in providing high-end finishes — slab granite counters, solid maple cabinets, real hardwood floors — is more practical than aesthetic. Let’s face it, a group of kids can be tough on an apartment. Providing timeless, durable materials lessens security deposit withholdings by reducing the need to replace cheaper items on a routine basis, and saves you money.

  • Proximity to CU Campus

    We are 3 blocks from the main campus, east along Colorado Avenue. Also along Colorado, we are 1 block west of the new east campus and its engineering labs. On weekdays, the City RTD Bus and CU Ralphie Bus stop at our property approximately 10 times per hour.

  • Maintenance Requests

    One of the most aggravating circumstances of rental housing can be management that does not tend to maintenance requests. We’ve solved that problem by taking out the middleman. All residents are provided direct contact information for maintenance and repair requests. Barring unusual circumstances, these personnel are pre-authorized to fix the problem simply upon the demand of the tenant.

  • Separate Storage

    One of the big issues for students is where to place their skis and larger items. Each of our apartments provides a separate storage locker inside of a locked store room free of charge. Our bike racks are situated in a highly visible location where residents can secure them with peace of mind, so as to eliminate the concern to keep them indoors.

  • Roommate Matching

    We prefer that residents come to our property with a pre-chosen group of friends and acquaintances. In unique circumstances, if your child does not have a chosen roommate, we will provide free roommate matching based upon personal interests, study habits, and more.

Property Layout